Clemco® CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Monitor-alarm

$2,240.00 - $2,635.00
9.00 LBS

CMS-2 carbon monoxide monitor/alarm package. Includes: monitor, calibration connector, and 10 PPM test gas. Part # CL22894.

CMS-2 carbon monoxide monitor/alarm (instrument only). Part # CL22892


Carbon monoxide monitor and alarm for breathing air supplied from a compressed air source. Features warning light, high-decibel audible alarm, particulate/oil filter, and connections for optional remote alarm and shutdown devices. Unit monitors air supply; can serve multiple respirators. The CMS monitor detects carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in a compressed air supply and triggers visual and audible alarms when CO is detected in concentrations of 10 parts per million. CMS-2 is field-portable with integral rugged carrying case. NOTE: CMS monitors do not remove CO or convert CO to CO2.

Requirements for Operations

  • Compressed-air source (55 to 145 psi) of Grade D breathing air as defined by the Compressed Gas Association commodity specification: G-7.1
  • Air flow of 0.5 to 0.8 scfh at 55 psi or more to operate and maintain adequate sampling
  • Power - 120 volt AC or 12 volt DC. Line cord provided for 120 volt AC; may be conduit wire

Technical Data Sheet

CMS-2 Manual