Water-Jet Parts

Our water-jet parts are all made and manufactured by AccuStream™, a Hypertherm brand. AccuStream™ has been in the water-jet business from the beginning. The founder is an industry pioneer, leading research and development on the first generations of high pressure intensifier pumps. Early on, he opened a water-jet job shop – the shop that would be the genesis of AccuStream™. They have continued to prove themselves by overcoming the same challenges you confront everyday: staying competitive in the market, keeping machines running, finding affordable replacement parts and technical service, and quickly making repairs to get back into production. AccuStream™ manufactures their own water-jet replacement parts along with aftermarket parts for all major brands including: Flow, Jet Edge, KMT, OMAX, WSI, and HP Components. Accustream and Hypertherm are in no way affiliated with Flow, KMT, Jet Edge, or WSI.