RPB® Nova C40™ Climate Control Device

1.00 LBS

RPB® Nova C40™ Climate Control Device Part # NV03-501

Premium Air Temperature Control System

Easy temperature adjustment

Adjust the temperature of supplied air with the slide of a lever. Cool incoming air by up to 52˚F (29˚C) or heat it by up to 33˚F (18˚C)

Work comfortably in any environment

The C40 can cool incoming air by up to 52˚F (29˚C) or heat it by up to 33˚F (18˚C), meaning you can stay comfortable in even the most extreme temperatures. Adjust your incoming air to the temperature that suits you by simply sliding the lever.

  • Weighs only 9.8oz (277g) excluding belt
  • Manufactured from robust materials designed and tested for harsh conditions
  • Increase or decrease airflow with the flow control dial
  • Range of plugs to fit your breathing airline coupler
  • Air inlet swivels 360 degrees to ensure the device sits comfortably on your hip


Applications include:

  • Spray painting, coating and confined space applications
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Chemical, pesticide and materials handling
  • Waste management

Low maintenance

  • Low maintenance required. The air silencers are the only parts that require cleaning or replacing
  • Choose from a range of inlet couplings to suit your application
  • Exhausted air is directed away from the operator’s body, eliminating the need for a heat shield or heat resistant clothing

The RPB NOVA Model C40 03-501 Hot & Cold COMBINATION Air Tube Has Been Approved By NIOSH For Use With The NOVA 2000, Approval No. TC-19C-363. Rigorous Testing Procedures During Development Ensures The NOVA Model C40 Hot & Cold COMBINATION Air Tube Is Working At Maximum Efficiency.  This Unit Fits RPB NOVA 3, NOVA 2000, & Astro High Pressure Respirator Helmets. 

Manufactured From Carefully Selected Engineering Grade Materials The C40 Can Cool Incoming Air By Up To 52 Degrees Fahrenheit Or Heat It By Up To 33. All This Is Achieved By Simply Switching The Mixing Lever From Hot To Cold! The Device Is Light Weight & Ergonomically Designed To Sit Comfortably On The Operator’s Hip. The RPB C40 Pairs With Most Of Our Respirator Range Equipped With BSP Threaded Connections.

This Unit Can NOT Be Used With An Ambient Air Pump. 

WARNING! Do not use the 03-501 on the cold setting when ambient temperature is below 68° (20°C) as ice could form in the cold air outlet resulting in insufficient airflow.

RPB® C40 Climate Control Device

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