RPB/Nova Safety Package

55.00 LBS

Introducing the RPB/Nova Safety Package. Why go through all the trouble picking individual parts when you can buy the full package at a discounted rate. The Safety package from RPB/Nova provides you the equipment you need to stay safe at the job site. The package includes: (1) Nova 3 respirator (includes: helmet, breathing tube, cape and cool air tube. Part # NV3-703-50), (1) pack of Nova inner lenses (10/pk part # NV3-722), (1) pack of Nova outer lenses (50/pk part # NV3-724-15), (1) pack of Nova tear off lenses (50/pk part # NV3-725), 50' breathing hose (part # NV2029), breathing canister w/ filter (part # NV04-900, filter part # APF3100) and a 2-claw fitting to thread onto your breathing canister. Everything you need to stay safe is right here at the click of a button. To learn more call (877) 909-7848 for more details.