Thompson® Valve II

11.00 LBS

This is the second and newest valve in the Schmidt Thompson series. Experience extremely consistent metering, long life with the tungsten carbide sleeve & plunger as well as fast startups and shutdowns. When paired with the Schmidt Auto Air Valve the increase in productivity is amazing. All valves in the Thompson series are direct replacements for all "pressure hold" systems. Click the link below to view product brochure.

Part # 2152-007(1-1/4" base), 2152-008(1-1/2" base)


• Made of only highest quality, performance tested materials for durability
• Bolt-on cap provides easy access to piston and seal
• Anti-vibration disc holds knob in place during transit
• Triple plunger seals keep media from entering piston chamber, extends valve life
• Modular components are precision manufactured to align accurately, ensure proper assembly
• Broad range of sleeves available for particular abrasives and applications
• Seat placed in body allows for easy removal during servicing
• Twin breather vents under the knob prevent dust from entering piston chamber
• Spring designed for long life
• O-ring on sleeve prevents dust migration
• Clean-out port directly under inlet provides easy removal of dirt or debris