Load Skid Complete, 6.5 Teravalve Pressure Hold

690.00 LBS

ABS LOADSKID 6.5 cu. ft. portable pot, Teravalve XL, Auto Air Valve, 1-1/2" piping. Electric control valve (solenoid), 55' extension, 25' power cord, G2 electric deadman. 50' 1-1/4" ID x 1-7/8" OD, 2 Ply blast hose, coupling & nozzle holder. 400CFM aftercooler, Moisture separator, fittings, air line drop for breathing air. Safety equipment, Respirator complete with breathing tube & air conditioner, 50' breathing hose, breathing canister. Air lines connecting the blast pot to the aftercooler & air drop to the breathing canister.