11.00 LBS

The new TeraValve™ abrasive metering valve is revolutionary in its ability to provide high performance, pressure hold blasting at a cost effective price point. It is the result of a new approach in thinking, combined with the tradition of Schmidt® expertise in design and manufacturing. The TeraValve is diaphragm activated, simplifying overall operation and maintenance. The new Schmidt extended life (XL™) technology is incorporated for durability and long life, even when the valve is used with harsh abrasives. The compact size fits easily onto low clearance blast pots or blast cabinets without modification, making it easy to convert automatic blowdown pots to a more efficient and productive pressure hold system. - Part # 2130-007/8

  • Compact design: Easily retrofit MicroValve® pots without vessel modification
  • Upgrades pressure hold blast cabinets
  • Utilizes the Schmidt® XL™ technology to better withstand aggressive (Aluminum Oxide)/ dusty abrasives
  • Diaphragm actuated valve is highly dust tolerant
  • Longer life than the classic Thompson® Valve and TVII™
  • Disassemble easily even after extended use
  • Fine-tuned, precise abrasive metering
  • Includes our best performing cleanout port
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant stainless valve body
  • Virtual Position Indicator (VPI™) provides a visual representation of abrasive flow setting so metering is simple to set and maintain